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In general

It says "means" at the Tab above this website. Companies mostly indicate then, for "means": Capital, money, prosperity, professionally and more of this.

We are quite different. To us, capital or money are no means. They are certainly not "aims" either. If capital is "something", then it is only and purely "result" and as we are different once again, this "result", money, is there ONLY to "serve" and certainly not for "ruling".

Our financial results, are first and foremost the proof of the quality in business that we render in the different companies. What we do, in these companies or other legal identities, is written in the statutes of the companies. Those are the goals and nothing more. If we fully comply to these written goals, we obviously earn money as a result, otherwise we would be amateurs, which we are not.

This result - this money - is purely given to us as a blessing from above and an award for professional conduct according to the statutes. The Giver is God. The receiver is.... NOT the shareholder, although he or she is entitled to.

In our case, we render these earnings to a foundation called OBDW, described below, which uses this money to be a blessing for those who suffer in life, who are manyfold. OBDW cannot exist without its volunteers, who help in reaching out to goals by assistance to the poor and lonely. In the beginning, OBDW was created for refugees in the Netherlands, but nowadays the scope of assistance is much wider.

Sport or "way of living?": Rowing!
Watersport clears the mind and soul. This is due to the water-part in it. Rowing is the most difficult sport there is, although it seems the contrary. First strokes can be learned within two hours from the first experience in a rowing-boat. However: Experienced rowers with daily experience on the water in a single scull (skiff) say: If i make ONE stroke "good" out of 100 strokes (1%), i say to myself "well done!" 80% of all your muscles in your body are used in this "way of living" in one recover + one stroke: 23 movements in such on-off-rotations never end "good". The freedom, however, that an experienced rower meets on the water cannot be missed in helping (OBDW). All suffering and misery of daily life can be cleaned and readjusted by rowing. Rowing is also the means of expression "who you are" and that is what we do too.

Read more about this therapeutical way of life called rowing at the specially for it fabricated website:


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Legal address:

29, Hazelaarlaan
NL-5056 XN Berkel-Enschot (Tilburg)
The Netherlands

T: +31 (78) 6990044
F: +31 (78) 6990045

  • Company House Tilburg (NL). Registration-number: 18054023
  • Founded in 1998-12-17
  • IBAN: NL76RABO 01234 678 53

Identity (1998)

Foundation "Onvrijwillig Bedreigd Dus Welkom" (literal translation: Unvoluntarily Endangered So Welcome):

  • Achieves its funds from the marketplace (NGO)

  • Groups love for humans and offers them practical help in great variety

  • Specializes in aid to patients with psychical disorders

  • Arranges and maintains Legal Gardianship, Regime & leadership as well as Mentoring for patients and selects candidates suitable for such unpaid duties as volunteer

Founded in 1998 as a means to assist refugees coming to the Netherlands and harmed by governmental bureaucracy and ignorance of the State, the activities nowadays are far more extended and divers. Read hereafter.

(2007-today) Child abuse by the central government of the Netherlands

Police Reporting child abuse in Tilburg (NL) by the Court of Breda and state authorities as a result of judicial decisions by the Court of Breda. Declaration is made against all subsequent judges and government agencies as Youthcare, the Child Protection Board, Special Trustee of the 4 children and possibly other organizations. Declaration takes place in the Northern part of the Netherlands, because the Public prosecutors House in the province of North-Brabant , judges such declaration "unrealistic" and therefore calls upon the Police of Tilburg not to accept such reporting by OBDW, as a result of which 4 children remain victims of the Court for over six years already.

(2013) Stalking nuisance

Assistance to a Tilburg woman after divorce in 2013 still being harassed and mentally terrorized by her ex-husband. Counselor from OBDW is thereby threatened verbally. Police say not to intervene again, until physical violence takes place.
(Defied First project in 1998 and continuing throughout 2010 and thereafter).

(2009) Company Theft (2007-2013) with millions of euros damage

Police Reporting theft Alblasserdam led to a million damage claim in subsequent years. Civil law defense became impossible because of the lack of funds therefor, as aggrieved creditors had priority. The criminal investigation by the police of Dordrecht (NL) and Gorinchem (NL) led to admission of guilt by the perpetrators, who, however, appointed "the other" as in fact offender, which then prevented the Court to determine who the actual theft committed and acquitted therefor all suspects from punishment. Victims of this theft remained empty-handed, with millions of euros of damage, causing 2 bankruptcies and loss of all savings and pensions of owners and investors without any loss-compensation and even without social payments in future.

(2013—2014) Arabic spring: Tunisia

Organizing a brotherhood activity warring parties in the North African country of Tunisia , contributing to relaxation between the fighting parties by entering into battle in sporting terms, instead of resorting to weapons and the regret of the victims oin an armed conflict :
The "Barracaloufik Rowing Regatta". The word (phonetically written) means: "Thank you!"
Pledges of support were received from the Dutch and Tunisian government representatives (Ambassador Level) as wel as of rowers of world reputation from the Netherlands .
It is to be hoped that the competition in Tunisia is held at the channel of La Goulette Tunis in the month of May 2014 for the short course (2 km.), Long course (6 km.) and possibly the ultra-long orbit (100 km.) in the night prior to the 2-6 km. competitions.
The competition has the message that people(s) never stand alone in life and that freedom deserves international support, whenever carried out peacefully and in a sporting (sportive) manner!


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Helping (see left) needs IMAGING too. Helping needs POWER, a FIGHTING spirit and SPORTIVENESS for the defense. Repentance is the basis of all of this. Look hereafter at an example, of which the preparation took many years:

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