Dutch Holdingcompany since 1987 of 38 companies on 2 continents

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Make Truth come true

Truth with a capital-T points out to Jesus Christ (John 14:6). The company-slogan therefore means: Let Jesus Christ become visual in this world by the acts of men aiming at doing good (true).

Start (1777 - today)
Founded in 1987 by Aernout R.S. Bakels (Amsterdam, 1952-06-22), A.R.S. BAKELS BV was meant to serve as a Holding Company only, owning the identities of more group-members afterwards. At the same time, in 1987, the first operational company was created too: A forwarding-company called BBC International Forwarders BV. Afterwards more companies were created, bought, received, given away, sold and adjusted to the wishes of the fast-growing number of customers and partners.

In the years 1987 - 2007, the number of legal identities all over the world mounted to the incredible number of 36 on 2 continents. Not only forwarding identities, but also confection company (1), accountancy company (1), foundations (2) and various other identities.

Identities (personal & businesses)
The founder has an evangelical nature: His first operational company BBC was named according to the three identities melting together in one new identity -
in which three crosses are central - called BBC: Bakels (founder) Blok (maiden name of his spouse Irene) & Christ (Savior of both). He is convinced that he shall never die, but simply be "moved" to a new shape, place and dimension, just like in his profession. Retirement does not belong to his dictionary. "Helping" ìs: Other people, ignorant of their faith. As people nowadays seem to be absorbed totally by the here and now, unreachable for reason and common sense, Bakels' wished to discuss this unreachability of men with his heavenly Father. His subject-list with God was that extensive, that only the longest distance on earth would not even be enough to deal with all subjects. As he is a single scull rower (skiff), his long talk with God on the canal "Ringvaart" in the Netherlands resulted at the age of 60 in a world record single scull (skiff): 200 kilometer non-stop (Delft, NL - 2012-05-10 01:26 hours). All issues of his discussions with God on the go on Ringvaart waters can be grouped under one expression: Repentance. This was what he asked his Heavenly Father for: For himself and for those under his former command in his companygroup.

Rowing became his daily life. Water and Rowing gives him the emotion of total Freedom, for which many courageous (wo)men have given their lives and Aernout Bakels honors their remembrance in dealing with all subjects under the new brandname:
BBC World Services, named after his former Algerian company BBC World Services (Algérie) in Hassi-Messaoud (DZ).

"Like father, like son".
Floris B. Bakels, Aernout Bakels' father, warned his five children for excessive wealth, like Floris' father Reinier Bakels (painter of art) taught him at his turn. Floris taught his fellow-men to be gentle and kind and became the living messenger of such behavior himself. Aernout, his son, was asked by Floris, just before he passed on to heaven in april 2000, to preach about the subject "repentance". Aernout refused, but left him his deathbed-promise to "Do so, at Bronze". He (Aernout) meant: At the remembrance of Floris' final departure 12,5 years later. Therefore, the world record run of 2012 was meant and Aernout kept, by doing so (public speaking about repentance), his promise to daddy, as promises always need to be kept.

Aernout Bakels' ownership of the commercial market identities of grand transportation- and forwarding names, are now his (unpaid) daily work. Wassing, De Haan International Forwarders, Embassy, Breda Transport and John Mann Tunisie are called upon by customers daily, and Aernout Bakels monitors their requests to the solution for their moving-, forwarding- and transportation problem. He does this daily work from the office-facility of his son Dani
ël F.R. Bakels MBA, who has started his own company BBC Expediteurs BV.

Details - Contact - Address - Financial
29, Hazelaarlaan
NL-5056 XN Berkel-Enschot (Tilburg)
The Netherlands
T: +31 (78) 6990044
F: +31 (78) 6990045

Chamber of Commerce Tilburg (NL), number: 18030058
VAT-number: NL007860900B01
IBAN: NL76RABO 01234 678 53

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